New roof, renovation and repair

Pitched roofs with:

  • slate roofing
  • fibre cement roof sheets
  • concrete roof tiles
  • tile
  • plain tile
  • Seals

    in the form of new construction, renovation and repair on flat roofs,
    balconies, terraces, underground car parks from
  • bitumen
  • foil
  • including the installation of insulation


    with a substructure of

  • slate
  • large and small size fiber cement sheets
  • beaver tail tiles and ceramic elements
  • titanium-zinc and copper
  • With root penetration

    seals for extensive and intensive green roofs of bitumen and PVC

    Extensive green roofs


  • sealing against soil humidity
  • sealing against pressing water from the outside, etc.
  • Surface coating

    on balconies and terraces

  • made of large concrete slabs
  • weather resistant wood
  • column clinker plates loose laid
  • Roof drainage systems for

  • copper
  • titanium-zinc
  • aluminium
  • Lightning Plant

    roof rafters and insulation from between

    Living room window installation

    with lining and exterior and interior shadingn

    Wall coverings

    made of

  • clay roof tiles
  • concrete roof tiles
  • copper
  • titanium-zinc
  • aluminium
  • Thermography - Thermal Imaging Camera

    Terrace redevelopment

    We have set ourselves the hard task and now it is done. Your terrace and balcony will “shine in new splendor”! It is not always easy to redevlope a Terrace especially when you do not own a layered structure (isolation / insulation) which have the various ground systems which are sufficient to restore a terrace or balcony. As specialist in our feild, we are far more concerned to provide you with your own personal preferences. An adequate seal and suitable insulation, as the goal is to make your balcony “ young again.”

    Pruning and cutting down trees


    Ask us - we are happy to help!