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Bad Brambach
outdoor sauna "Aquadon",
zinc, green roofs
Cura Seniorenzentrum,
sheet metal roofing with roof lantern
tile E58 Max Company Erlus, paneling titanium-zinc,
roof decoration tonegockel
arwag, cover with aluminum Stuko,
company Prefa
new roof, clay roof tiles, make Erlus, copper paneling re-covering, shingles, paneling titanium-zinc
repair of the tower of the
Methodist Church Plauen
with natural slate
paneling a garden barbeque
re-covering, fiber-cement roofing,
paneling titanium-zinc
aluminum cladding
fassadensidings company Prefa
(material warranty 40 years)
re-covering, tile company Erlus,
copper paneling,
natural slate chimney
tower covering with titanium-zinc new roof tram depot Plauen,roofing
Rhepanol fk with the company FDT
new roof Lidl Auerbach, roofing company with cement roof stones Braas,
front panel with pre-weathered titanium zinc
re-covering, tile Forma Company Erlus,
copper paneling,
natural slate chimney
Plauen, Altmarkt VELUX flat roof element - additional daylight from above
grosses Dachfenster wird gewechselt
flat roof element of Lamilux light dome with excellent sound and high energy efficienct heat protection,
because of the high energy effiiciency suitable for living quarters
exchange of a large skylight in Jößnitz
Schneeberäumung am Oberen Bahnhof in Plauen Malerarbeiten mit Hebebühne Dachdeckung und Dachreinigung
snow removal on the train station Upper Station in Plauen painting with our lift in difficult terrain roofing with a crane while roof cleaning with lift
roof repairs in Plauen