25m- hydraulic lifting ramp

You may use our hydraulic lift ramp for all kind of work on facades and roof gutters or for cutting down trees.
We lend it without any operator.
Prices available on request.

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drawing of our lifting rampMaßskizze zu unserer Hebebühne

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Trailer crane, 26m and 36m hoists, lifts and wire or electric lifts

Our K20-30 TS is a powerful all round trailer crane that is perfectly suited for most tasks on the roof.
We lend it without any operator.
The prices for the rental of the crane are available on request.

Presentation room

for up to 30 persons,
fully equipped with kitchen and toilet,
beer pump

Präsentaionsraum zum VermietenAnsicht Präsentationsraum von innenKüche im Präsentationsraum